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LTS00 Smart wearable thermistor probe NTC Thermistor Temperature sensor in smart wristband- Lingee
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LTS00 Smart wearable thermistor probe NTC Thermistor Temperature sensor in smart wristband- Lingee

ISO14001 / ISO9001 / ROHS2.0 / REACH / CE
These customized temperature sensor probe can be made upon certain appliaction. 1> Temperature Chip available: 2> Sensor probe / Structure customized available 3> Cable + Connector Fast delivery and tech support


主要型号 / LIGE P.N.LTS00 / LTS10 / LTS20 / LTS30 / LTS40 / LTS50 / LTS60
元件类型 / ChipsNTC  / PT / PTC / DS18B20
封装结构 / Probe StructureLTS00 / LTS10 Tube  / LTS20 Bullet probe / LTS30 Ring/ LTS40 Tread Nut / LTS50 Epoxy Resin dew / LTS60 Film type. etc.
导线规格 /WiresPVC / Silicon cable / PTFE cable /  Glass fiber / Metal shielded wire etc.
端子接插件 / ConnectorXH / JST / Molex / Dupont / TE  etc.
其他附件 / OthersCustomized available


使用温度 / OP. Temp-50℃ - +300℃ upon the certain sensor design
应用场景 / Application

Temperature control and temperature detection of rice cookers, electric ovens, air conditioners, microwave ovens, electric fans, electric heaters, etc. in household appliances.

  • Office automation equipment, such as temperature detection or temperature compensation of copiers and printers.
  • Temperature control and inspection of industrial, medical, environmental protection, meteorological, and food processing equipment.
  • Liquid level indication and flow measurement.
  • Mobile phone batteries and chargers in the telecommunications field.
  • Temperature compensation of instrument coils, integrated circuits, quartz crystal oscillators and thermocouples
  • More application to be expanded together with Lingeers
库存状态 / StockGenerally, NO STOCK for customized items < Contact us for more info>
是否可定做 / CustomizedAvailable
其他备注 / OthersContacts 021-80158866   E-mail: 


MAIN PRODUCTSFull Range of NTC thermistor for precise Temperature measurement [ MEBMGBMGD]+ Customized Temperature sensor probes [NTC + PTC +PT100+PT1000+DS18B20 etc.]

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